Love’s Language?

by pafc on February 14, 2011

Single, married, divorced, or somewhere in between, everyone has a love language.  Dr. Gary Chapman has outlined five primary love languages – acts of service, gifts, physical touch, words of affirmation, and spending quality time.   One BIG problem with understanding Dr. Chapman’s work is this: people think that their love language is what they do for others.  For example, if I like giving things TO OTHERS (and I do), that doesn’t mean my love language is gift giving.  Instead, a person’s love language is something done TO THEM that makes them feel loved.  For example, if someone spends quality time with me, I feel loved (and I do).  Finally, don’t expect others to automatically know your love language.  So, tell them today!  Happy Valentine’s Day.   [P.S. A great gift would be one of Dr. Chapman’s books.  Enjoy!]

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